Podcast Terminology
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There are a lot of words floating around there. And some of them may take different meanings from place to place, so we decided you need a singular source of truth:

Drop Date - Refers to the date your episode will will officially be published and available for listener consumption

Episode - Think of a TV show, and how the show has multiple episodes. This is one [of many, hopefully] listening opportunity for listeners to consume your podcast.

Import - The process of transferring the data from one hosting platform to another. This is done through ingesting the current RSS feed and exposing it in another RSS feed.

Podcast - Also called "show". A group of episodes distributed under a single umbrella.

Podcatcher - If a Pod is being Cast, it needs to be caught, right? This is a player that makes the podcast available to listeners (think Apple, Spotify, Google, etc)

Redirect - The act of directing traffic to a new source. This is not the same as import. A redirect is simply the mail forwarding of web traffic.

RSS Feed - Computer-readable format for updates to your show (and subsequent episodes), allowing Podcatchers to access each update

Subscriber - Someone who has chosen to be automatically notified whenever a new episode of your podcast is available. Subscribers can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

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