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Importing Your Podcast to Adori
Importing Your Podcast to Adori

Your Podcast's new Home Sweet Home

Written by Adori Support
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At Adori, we're ready to give your Podcast the best place to grow. By now, I'm sure you've read through our article on preparing for your import, so let's get started!

Step 1: Log into Adori Studio

Step 2: Navigate to "Publish" in the left menu bar

Step 3: Select "Transfer Existing Podcast"

Step 4: Input your RSS feed or, if you don't know it, search for your Podcast by name:

Step 5: Confirm the podcast you've selected, and be prepared to approve the request (we'll email the itunes:owner listed in the RSS feed)

Step 6: Verify ownership - Check your email for the verification code and input it in the modal before selecting "Import this podcast".

Step 7: Redirect your old RSS feed to your new Adori RSS feed. You'll need to see the old hosting platform's instructions for the best way to complete this on their platform.

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