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Harnessing the Power of Adori's Ad Campaign Manager
Harnessing the Power of Adori's Ad Campaign Manager

An Ad Manager Like No Other

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What would podcasting be without advertising? Well, it would still be podcasting, but just not on the same level.

Adori's team dreamed up the Adori Ad Campaign Manager (ACM), giving more campaign management power to our customers.



An internal or an external entity (a person or a company) that is interested in inserting an ad/promo for a product, service, or event on shows/episodes owned by you.


A Campaign is a group of multiple flights from the same advertiser or sponsor. There are three types of campaigns.

  1. Paid Promos

  2. Unpaid Promos

  3. Programmatic ads

Paid Promos are associated with a commercial advertiser.

Unpaid promos include public announcements, Intro, Outro, Cross Promos, Jingles, etc. They may be associated with an internal or an external sponsor.

Programmatic ads are given by a third-party ad server such as Triton or Google. Programmatic ads don't need audio creatives as the audio will be directly served by ad servers (SSPs) at the time of delivery.


A flight is basically an order or a task within a campaign that can be used to achieve a specific goal within the framework of a campaign.

Flight specifies the following details:

  1. When: The date range for which the ads should be served

  2. What: The content of the ad

  3. Target: The shows to be targetted

Multiple flights can be created within a campaign to achieve a specific goal.

Step 1: Manage ad markers

For mid-roll, add ad markers on the audio. For pre-roll and post-roll, ad markers are not mandatory.

The ad markers are added to tag collections.

Drag the ad marker to the audio timeline.

The position of the ad marker can be changed by dragging the marker horizontally.

Edit the time manually to precisely place the marker up to millisecond precision.

Step 2: Manage campaigns

Campaign Type

Select the type of campaign you want to create

Select Advertiser

Select an advertiser or create a new advertiser for creating a paid campaign. For creating an unpaid campaign select a sponsor or create a new sponsor.

All of the IAB's categories and sub-categories are included in the modal. Select multiple relevant categories for each advertiser. The categories are used for competitive separation - advertisers with the same category associated won't run in the same podcast/episode.

Step 3: Manage flights

Once the campaign is set up, flights can be created underneath that campaign.

Click on the campaign name to view the list of flights for a campaign. Each flight can have different targeting options and a different start/end date within the confines of its campaign.

Click on Create Flight button to create a flight.

Fill in flight details.

  • Name: Name of the flight

  • Impression Cap: Max number of impressions for this flight

  • Start Date and End Date: This flight shall be active from Start Date to End Date (both inclusive)

  • Delivery Placement: Possible placement options are pre-roll, mid-roll and end-roll

  • Position: For each placement, up to 5 marker positions are supported.

Select ad audio from the audio bucket or upload a new audio.

Select the shows to target.

Review the shows selected and confirm.

The newly created flight is visible in the list of flights. The flight is active only within the specified date range.

We also have a campaign analytics Dashboard available to the users and you can export your campaign data.

We also send out emails every day with status of your campaigns, so that you can keep a track of them

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