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Your podcast is imported (or started) and you've published your latest and greatest episode. Now is the time to add some tags (visual gotchas) into your episode--making it that much more appealing (and monetisable).

Step 1: Let's get to the right place

Navigate to "Tags" in your left menu bar. You'll see this option straight away:

Step 2: Create a new tag (and build out your tag repository)

A modal will pop up with a variety of options for your new tag. You'll want to explore the right tag(s) for your show and any subsequent episode, so play around with these as much as you want (be sure to visit our Adori Tag Types help'll give you more information on each type available) [insert help link here]!

In this case, I've decided to create a "Location" tag to show my listeners where I've actually recorded my most episode of my podcast. I selected an image from one of Adori's many available free-image repositories, and have given the listeners an opportunity to see the location I'm talking about.

My caption reads "Direct from THE absolute happiest (and most humid) place on earth!", and I've given listeners the option to save and share the tag. This way they don't forget it, and they can tell their friends and family about it.

Step 3: Place it where you want it!

We're not going to tell you where you should place your tags...this is all about embracing your creativity.

Navigate to the episode that you want to tag, and select "enhance":

Now I have an option to choose my own Interactive tags, so I'll navigate to "All tags", which is where my own tags are stored.

There's my tag, ready to be put into place. You'll note that I can also create a tag from here if I wish, so if I haven't prepopulated my tag repository I can build as I go:

Finally, I'll drag and drop that tag straight into the episode timeline, and it'll lock into place.

Step 4: Preview your hard work

Once you've placed your first tag, or all of your tags (your choice, of course), you'll want to preview how this will appear to listeners.

You can do this by clicking on "Actions" and selecting "preview"

Et Voila! You now have a fabulously tagged episode ready for audio and visual consumption.

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