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Tags are great, but we know that too much of a good thing can be bad. Which is why we offer multiple tag types. Mix it up and show your creativity to the world!

Visual - A visual element that listeners will see when the tag's timestamp pops up. This can be an image or even a video that pertains to that section of audio.

Poll - Realtime feedback from your listeners is a true game changer. Embed a poll over a nice visual and give your listeners a chance to answer a poll designed by you

Link - Links living in the episode summary are a thing of the past! Give your listeners a clickable link directly from a tag (with a stunning visual backdrop no less) and change the way your listeners click interact with where you're sending them.

Call - Phones aren't really dead--they just have even more (and better) purposes. So give the listeners a number to call. It can be direct lines to you, to hotlines, to companies, etc.

Location - Putting a pin in an entirely different perspective. Drop the location you want your listeners to be able to access quickly, and allow them an instant opportunity to navigate to that awesome place you're referencing in your show.

Text - Saying something that has great impact, but the impact can be exponentially more if you just add some text? Make it so they hear and SEE what you're saying with a text tag.

Audio Ad - Tags do more than just give listeners pretty things to look at! You can use it as an audio ad slot. Simply select the collection and upload the audio for a sleek audio ad tag.

Display Ad - Don't just tell them what to get, show them what to get! Show your listeners your ad. You can set keywords, geo-target your listeners, and set the longevity of the display ad directly within the tag settings.

Buy - Purchases are easier when the call to action is right in front of your eyes! Give your listeners a link to buy a product while they're listening to your show--talk about an opportunity for great conversion.

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