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Q. What is the difference between Adori Studio and Adori Video?

A. Adori Studio is for the audio portion of podcasting. It's a hosting platform designed to take your podcast to the next level of audio distribution. Adori Video started with a plan to make podcasting more relevant and easier to connect on YouTube. Since the, we've expanded our dreams beyond

Q. What does Adori mean?

A. We thought you'd never ask! Adori is an anagram for one of the long forgotten forms of audio!

Q. Why do I need to contact you for pricing?

A. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that fits the needs of our users. We aren't one-size-fits-all, and are as unique as each podcast out there. Talking to you allows us the opportunity to candidly discuss whether Adori's product will fit your current and future needs. And transparently, it gives us the opportunity to talk to you and see how we can continuously improve our product to deliver beyond your wildest dreams.

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