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Using Transcripts With Adori
Using Transcripts With Adori

The power of words...literally

Written by Adori Support
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Transcripts are such an important piece of podcasting. Whether you're using transcripts so listeners can look back to the episode later without listening again, so listeners can follow along, for audiogram creation, or to assist with CC options for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, your transcript carries a lot more power than you'd ever imagine.

Adori takes these transcripts to the next level. There are two ways of getting your transcript linked up with your Audio in Adori:

Option 1: Generate Transcript Within Adori

You read that right. You can generate the option directly from your dashboard, so there's no need to outsource it. Of course, as with any automated transcription process there may be a few hiccups here and there, but we've tested quite a few different approaches before settling exactly where we are with this transcript process.

You can generate a transcript of your audio anywhere along the tagging process, whether your audio has been published or not. Just remember it takes a little bit of time for the transcript to finish, so make yourself a drink, sit back, relax, and let our program do the work.

Option 2: Upload Your Own Transcript

We know, a lot of people create their own transcripts during the production process, so why not just use that? You can...we're not going to stop you!

During the tagging process, feel free to upload a copy of the transcript so we can use this for suggested tags or audiograms. Our only ask is that you upload a transcript in the .srt file format.

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