Adori Android SDK Modules

Maximize your Android app's potential with Adori's SDK modules. Boost user engagement and revenue with easy integration and customizable...

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SDK Modules

These are the main modules of the Adori Android SDK.

List of Modules


This is Adori's custom implementation of Exoplayer's RenderersFactory interface. Use AdoriMediaCodecAudioRendererFactory instead of DefaultRenderersFactory to build your exoplayer instance.


AdoriSdkClient allows the host apps to configure and customize Adori SDK.


AdoriTagsService reads audio samples from the exoplayer and extracts tags from it. It also interacts with various Adori APIs and instructs AdoriTagsView to schedule/show/remove tags and keeps the tags in sync with the player timeline.


AdoriTagsView is the implementation of Android's FrameLayout. It interacts with the audio player and AdoriTagsService to show/hide tags and capture interactions from users.


Implement AdoriTagsUIListener to receive callbacks for user's interactions with Adori tags. You can use this to keep track of interactions and improve analytics.

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