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Adding Permissions to Your Channel
Adding Permissions to Your Channel

for Adori's YouTube integration

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The key piece to getting your Adori account set up with YouTube is making sure the connection is made just right. Sometimes, depending on the number of channels you have, this can be a bit complicated. We're here to help, but always suggest heading to YouTube support if you continue to hit walls after completing these steps.

YouTube Studio Account

If you're managing a show that's part of a YouTube Studio account, it's important to note that YouTube's Studio accounts, while awesome, have strategically different permissions than the regular Brand account.

When connecting via the YouTube integration in Adori, you don't want to connect the account as a whole. We need to connect to a single channel, not the entire network.

To do this, ensure you're signing into our YouTube integration as the channel content owner. This will give direct access to the YouTube channel for publishing.

YouTube Brand Account

YouTube Brand accounts allow a single channel to be managed by multiple users (allowing for management by multiple email accounts, versus one Google account).
This is the most streamlined approach (and currently Adori's supported integration) for the Adori x YouTube publishing integration. If a Brand account owner has given you "manager" permissions to a channel (or you're the owner or primary owner of the channel), you can log into the YouTube integration with the email address used for those permissions, and we'll be set to move forward with the integration.

What if I want to change my Studio account to a Brand account?

Sometimes people choose to change their account type in order to streamline the process of integrating Adori with their YouTube channel. Though this can be done, it is a process that must be done carefully to avoid any loss of data or content.

If you'd like to move a channel to a Brand account, we highly recommend reading through YouTube's documentation for a full understanding of the process. In short, you'll want to

  1. Navigate to the channel "settings"

  2. "View Advanced Settings"

  3. "Move Channel to Brand Account"

Once you move to a brand account, you'll want to reinstate permissions on your channel, as permission between Studio and Brand are not interchangeable.

(Make sure to select the option to continue managing permissions from the brand account)

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