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Adori Tag Improvement
Adori Tag Improvement

September 2022

Written by Adori Support
Updated over a week ago

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newly improved Tag/Visual experience that we’re releasing exclusively to our Adori customers!

What does this mean?

Bottom Line: we’ve removed some of the limits to your creative genius! You can now:

  • Customize the visual experience for various platforms, selecting Landscape, square, and portrait orientations (no more being stuck in one box!)

  • Bring your audio to life with new and improved tag templates. You can select one of our pre-made templates or build your very own.

  • Have an old favorite tag type? Still there! We’ve improved avatar, visual tags, link tags, buy tags, and audio and display ad tags

  • More fonts, backgrounds, and elements than you ever thought you’d be ready for

  • Animated transitions (think Ken Burns effects) to really bring your audio to life

You can find these new tag features in our studio and video platforms, so what are you waiting for? Get to creating!

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