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How to use our AI features
How to use our AI features
Written by Adori Support
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Adori’s AI features offer various comprehensive services to make it very easy to convert any blog to video in minutes.

Instance 1: Title and description

If you click on the robot icon next to the title and description, it will help you rewrite them. Taking the previous title and Description as Context

Instance 2: AI-generated Images

By clicking on “Auto-Pick missing scene images”, it will generate contextual images on the base of your scene’s text.

Instance 3: SEO and Keywords

Go to Step 3 and click on this little pen icon. Here you can make your video SEO-optimized for any topic by generating a catchy title, description, and Keywords.

To generate an AI Title, click on the Robot icon button and then click the enter arrow. It will take a few seconds and show dozens to choose from. If you want to replace it with the AI-generated one, just click on the replace button. That is present in front of all the generated titles.

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