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Start a new podcast?

  • Goto Audio tab and click on "Create new podcast"
  • You will be asked to enter details
    • Name: Title of your podcast.
    • Description: Detailed description of your podcast. You can add html annotations by selecting a part of the text.
    • Summary: One line summary of your podcast. This should be less than 255 characters.
    • Image: Upload a square image
      • It should not be smaller than 1400x1400
      • It shoudl not be bigger than 3000x3000

Import an existing podcast

If you already have a podcast hosted somewhere else, Adori makes is super easy to import your podcast into Studio.

Check Importing section on the left panel to get started.

Upload a new episode

  • Goto Audio tab
  • Select your podcast
  • Click on the button Add an episode
  • In the next screen, you can choose to upload a new audio from your computer or select an audio from your previous uploads.
  • Choose an episode image.
    • Episode image can be square or landscape.
  • Provide the following fields

    • Name: Name of your episode.


    Do not mention season, episode information string like "Season 1" or "S01" or "E23". You can set season and episode numbers separately.

    • Description : Description of your episode. You can use HTML tags to insert links, make text bold/italic/underline etc...
    • Summary : One line summary of your episode. This should be less than 255 characters.
    • Type of Episode
      • Regular: Regular episode of your show.
      • Bonus: Use this option to indicate that this episode is a bonus episode.
      • Trailer: Select this option to indicate that the episode is a trailer/teaser.
    • Season
      • Indicate to which season this episode belongs to. Though this field can be disabled, Adori strongly insists that you mention season number for each episode. This helps podcast listening apps to make your show more presentable to listeners.
    • Episode Number
      • Indicate a episode number. This can also be turned off, but Adori suggests giving an episode number to each episode.
    • Schedule
      • You can either publish the episode immediately, or schedule it to be published at a future date and time.
      • Your episode shall be published with 10-15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Add Tags

After an episode is uploaded, you can add tags and make your audio interactive. See Tags to know more.