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Importing Podcasts

If you already have an existing podcast, you can transfer your show to Adori in simple and quick steps.

Import episodes

Keep your mailbox opened

Adori sends a verification email to the email mentioned in your podcast feed. Please keep the mail box open so that you can quickly get past verification.

Update email in your feed

If you dont have access to the email mentioned in your feed, or if you have not added any email address to the feed, please update your feed before proceeding. You can restart this process after your feed is updated. It may take 2-4 hours for your feed to be updated.

How long does the import take?

Importing can take upto 30 minutes depending on the number of episodes in your show. Please be patient.

  • Goto Audio tab
  • Click on Transfer existing podcast and search for your show.
  • Verify that correct email is displayed.
  • Click Request Verification Code to recieve the code in your mailbox.
  • Type/Copy-Paste your verification code and Verify.
  • If the verification is successful, you can click "Import this podcast" to start the import process.
  • Set up the redirect for your old feed. See the section below.

Setting Redirects

The last of importing is to redirect your feed URL from your current hosting provider to Adori.

Redirect from LibSyn

  • Copy your new feed url from your podcasts page on Adori Studio.
  • Login to your libsyn account and click Destinations.
  • Select Edit next to Libsyn Classic Feed (or the name of your podcast)
  • Go to Redirect Feed to this Web Address and paste your new RSS feed URL in that box.
  • Click Save! Libsyn

Redirect from SoundCloud

  • Copy your new feed url from your podcasts page on Adori Studio.
  • Sign in to your SoundCloud account.
  • Goto your content settings.
  • Paste your new Adori RSS feed URL into the Subscriber redirect field.
  • Click Save Changes SoundCloud