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Frequently Asked Questions

upload audio and convert it to video

Upload the audio in 1st step, on 2nd step you can choose duration, canvas size, enhance the video, and on the 3rd step your audio will be converted to video. You can either download it or you can publish it on YouTube.

add visuals

Click on “Create Tag” and choose the type of tag you want to make.

download Video

After selecting the canvas and duration you’ll come to the 3rd step, there you’ll Download the icon, which will allow you to download the video.

track uploaded videos

You can track the uploaded videos on the ‘Home page’.

create tags and add them to the audio timeline

Click on the Create a new tag and after creating a tag you can drag and drop it to the timeline where you want to place it.

track video uploading progress

After uploading the video, you’ll be directed to the home page where you can see the progress bar.

create new version of video

You can create a new version of the video buy using selecting the Kebab menu and clicking on New