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Distributing your Adori Podcast
Distributing your Adori Podcast

Get the word out that your word is out

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You've created your podcast, WAY TO GO! But you're not done yet (this is a marathon, not a sprint, so take a breath and let's move forward).

Adori is proud to host your media, but we don't own it. Which means we can't submit it for distribution on your behalf.

Before you continue, please be sure you have at minimum ONE published episode (preferably a trailer) live on your RSS feed. To learn more about what is required for your podcast to be approved for distribution, check out this article now

It seems like the list of available Podcatchers grows after each sleep, so at first glance, submitting your show can seem a little daunting.

Tip #1: Submit your show to the largest fish first

That's right. Many (many) podcatchers will scrape those larger repositories to grow their catalogue of shows, so making sure your voice is available there will get you moving.

We've taken the liberty to really highlight those top ones you want to submit your show to first. From your Adori dashboard, select Publish in the left menu bar. You'll see your key show information available for you here (including your RSS feed). You'll also see this:

Take this list as a click through opportunity to get your show submitted for distribution (reminder: submitting your show begins the approval process with the various podcatchers and does not guarantee approval for distribution).

Apple Podcasts - You'll need a valid Apple ID and/or a valid Apple Podcasts Connect account to submit your show. If you don't have an account, or you don't have a valid Apple ID, you'll need to complete those steps first.

Spotify for Podcasters - You'll first need to create a Spotify for Podcasters account. Adding your RSS feed to your account will require that you're able to verify ownership, so be sure your RSS feed email address is accessible.

Google Podcasts - While Google has been known to scrape Apple's repository, you can also jump ahead by submitting your show directly to Google. You'll also need access to your RSS feed email address (you'll skip a step or two if your RSS feed email address is the same as the Google account you're submitting your show under).

You'll also see icons for Listen Notes, Pocket Casts, Breaker Audio, Castbox, Overcast, RadioPublic, and Stitcher. But remember.

Tip #2: Give yourself some space

And by space, we mean a nice little cushion of time. Submitting your show for approval to be distributed does not mean that it'll automatically be accepted. Give yourself a few business days cushion (minimum), and don't submit it the day of (or dau before) your global show debut.

Tip #3: Check your email (spam and all)

You'll start getting email from podcatchers. It's possible there will be a lot of email. Some may be requests for more information. Others may be verification codes to prove that you actually own the show and have access to manage the RSS feed. Others can be "congrats, you're approved" communication, so keep an eager eye out!

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