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Using the Adori Video Publisher
Using the Adori Video Publisher

Adori Video Publisher is a tool for publishing and managing video content across multiple platforms, providing analytics and audience engage

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Podcasts aren't just for audio anymore. Audio isn't just for audio anymore. The spoken word is meant to be heard and seen, allowing you to reach more audiences.

Adori's Video Publishing tool allows you to do just that. With one simple tool, you'll be able to increase your audience reach while providing an awesome visually pleasing video, uploaded in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Log in

Visit Adori Video to get logged into your video account! (Don't have an account yet? Simply sign up here)

Step 2:

If you already have a podcast in your video account, skip to step 4. Else, your screen should look like this...a lovely blank canvas. Let's get a podcast imported so we can begin the fun!

Import Podcast using adorilabs

Step 3: Import your podcast (or upload audio)

We know you might not be using Adori Video for your podcasting needs. So we'll start with a quick audio upload instead. Have an audio clip you need to make video ready?

  1. Click "Upload Audio"

  2. Find the audio you want to convert to video and upload!

If you're using Adori Video for your podcasting needs, you'll need to import your podcast first:

  1. Click on "Import Podcast"

    1. Search for your podcast by RSS feed or simply by exact title keywords

  2. Select the episode(s) you'd like to convert to video

Step 4: Create Video

Time for some creative genius! Select the audio you'd like to convert to video (from Podcast or audio files) directly from your Adori Video dashboard. Once the desired episode(s) is selected, click "Create Video"

Step 5: The Magic!

If Adori has already processed the audio, you can begin working on it straight away. However, if Adori hasn't, give us a few minutes to process the audio and prepare it for enhancement.

In this step, you'll be able to:

  • Clip your audio (too long for the promo you're doing? Cut it short to the exact section you need)

  • Adjust the width and the height of the video to accommodate the platform this video will go live on

  • And finally...enhance!

From here, you'll be able to place or create tags, utilize an Adori-suggested tag, or create an Audiogram.

create tags

Step 6: More magic!

Once you've completed adding as many tags as you'd like throughout your audio file, we highly suggest you preview the piece of art you've just created. This will give you an idea of the user experience without having to publish it first.

When you're happy with the final product, click "Done" and we'll move you on to the next step, which is...

Step 7: Send it out to the world

Now that your tags are complete, let's get that hard work noticed!

When you're ready to publish your video, you have two options (for now):

  1. Publish to YouTube

  2. Download Video

publish to youtube

Select the option that best suits your needs, then:

  1. If YouTube - Select "Publish"

  2. If Download - Select "Download"

Step 8: Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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